A Message from the Commandant

Toshiyuki ITO Vice Admiral, JASDF 43rd Commandant

    I assumed the duties of the 43rd Commandant of the Joint Staff College on 22 August 2013.

    The security environment surrounding Japan including the East China Sea and the Sea of Japan has been harsh, and the situation regarding anti-piracy operations off the Coast of Somalia and international cooperation activities in South Sudan remains tense.

    On the other hand, the Japan Self Defense Forces (JSDF) has accomplished various operations based on Joint Operational Structure which was launched in 2006, such as the operations following the Great East Japan Earthquake.

    Under this circumstance, the Joint Staff College provides the education and training to senior JSDF officers as the highest educational institute of the JSDF. The graduates of the college have been playing the leading roles of the JSDF Joint Operational Structure. For instance, they serve as unit commanders or staff of major commands, or participate in international peace cooperation activities.

    Aside from the education, the college is engaged in the research on topical subjects with regards to the Joint Operations. Our research is becoming increasingly important.

    Taking into account those situations, I decided on my philosophy, as the Commandant, ghave broad perspective, think scientifically and be well-rounded personh. Following this philosophy, I am determined to enhance and move forward the education for senior JSDF officers and the research on the Joint Operations.

    I would appreciate your understanding and cooperation for what we do.

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