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Aerial Systems Development Division

Reseach and Development Programs

Advanced Technology Demonstrator

This is an experimental aircraft designed for evaluating the maturity and integration of advanced airframe and engine technologies for future fighters.
The maiden flight: 22nd Apr 2016

Future Missile Warning Technology

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This program conducts research on missile warning systems using infrared radiation to be mounted on various aircraft that will enable the detection of new threats, such as reduced-smoke missiles.

Products After Development

C-2 Transport Aircraft

As the successor to C-1, C-2 Transport Aircraft is developed for airlift mission in international peace cooperation activities by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force as well as for securing capabilities for rapid deployment and response to various situations, disasters and all that.

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Defense Equipment

Escort Jammer

The system, installed on F-15DJ, is an advanced EW system to suppress enemy fire control radars for friendly aircraft conducting Air Interdiction or Close Air Support mission.

Aerial Target Drones

These are low-cost aerial target drones designed for anti-aircraft training execise,introduced into training support units as training equipment.

P-1 Maritime Patrol Aircraft

P-1, the replacement of the JMSDF P-3C maritime patrol aircraft, contributes the wide area continuous surveillance and patrol in the surrounding ocean area of our country.

Unmanned Aerial Research System

The system is an air-launched medium sized UAV featuring pre-programmed autonomous flight and landing, and it will be used to study and develop UAV operational concepts for reconnaissance and other missions.

Infra-Red Search and Track System

IRST (Infra-Red Search and Track) is a passive infrared FCS to improve air-to-air operations of the aircraft in ECM environment including anti-stealth situation.

US-2 Search and Rescue Amphibious Aircraft

US-2 is a successor to the MSDF US-1A for search and rescue missions.