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Ground Systems Development Division

Reseach and Development Programs

155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer (Wheeled)

155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer (Wheeled), which is planned to replace 155mm howitzer FH70 and to be equipped to field artillery units, is able to maneuver in wide-area rapidly and used for long-range fire supports to destroy enemy units in various contingencies.

Products After Development

Maneuver Combat Vehicle (MCV)

The MCV is a wheeled armored fighting vehicle mounting a 105mm tank gun. The vehicle engages and destroys enemy armor and provides direct fire support to infantry units. High on-road mobility and air transportability of this vehicle will enhance strategic mobility of JGSDF.

The system contributes to getting information superiority by ES( electronic warfare support) and EA( electronic attack).

New Electronic Warfare System (NEWS)

Type 10 Tank

Type 10 Tank is the successor to the current main battle tanks. This MBT has improved firepower, armor protection and mobility together with advanced C4I system.

NBC Reconnaissance Vehicle

NBC RV was developed to provide the Chemical Corps, and it can conduct reconnaissance quickly and accurately to clarify the state of NBC warfare agents contamination by means of built-in high sensitive and identifiable NBC new sensors.

Field Communication Infrastructure

Field Communication Infrastructure replaces Army Electric Switch System, Division Integrated Communication System and various functional radios to ensure continuous communications for command, control and information exchange of Army, Division, etc.

Firing Command and Control System (FCCS)

FCCS is developed in order to replace currently fielded systems, so-called FADS and FADAC for Field Artillery Units. The system enables JGSDF to obtain information superiority through collecting and processing target-information in wide area. The system also enables JGSDF to execute rapid and accurate fire combat through allocating fire powers appropriately.

New Decontamination System

New Decontamination System is used to decontaminate the personnel, equipments, areas and facilities contaminated by radioactive substances, biological agents or chemical agents.