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Commissioner ATLA

Biographical Data

SUZUKI Yoshiyuki / Mr.
Commissioner, Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Agency (ATLA)
■Date of Birth

3 July 1958


Graduated from Law Department of Chuo University, March 1982

Apr.82 Joined Japanese Defense Agency (JDA)
Apr.00-Apr.02 Director, Import Division, Central Contract Office
Apr.02-Aug.04 Special Assistant for Director, Policy Evaluation and Audit, Minister’s Secretariat, JDA
Aug.04-Aug.06 Facilities Coordination Officer, Defense Facilities Administration Agency, JDA
Aug.06-Jan.08 Director, Planning Department, Technical Research & Development Institute, JDA
Jan.08-Aug.08 Director of Intelligence, Defense Intelligence Headquarters, JDA
Aug.08-Aug.10 Deputy Director-General, Defense Intelligence Headquarters, Ministry of Defense (MOD)
Aug.10-Jan.12 Director-General, North Kanto Defense Bureau, MOD
Jan.12-Jul.12 Deputy Director-General, Bureau of Local Cooperation, MOD
Jul.12-Jan.14 Deputy Director-General, Minister’s Secretariat, MOD; Councillor, Cabinet Secretariat
Jan.14-Jul.14 Vice Inspector-General, Inspector-General’s Office, MOD
Oct.15-Jul.16 President, National Institute for Defense Studies, MOD
Jul.16-Jul.17 Director General, Bureau of Personnel and Education, MOD
Jul.17 Current Assignment