Information for visitors

We are open everyday except these occasions
 New Year’s Day
 Days when we have special events like :
  Imperial visits
 Visit of ministers

 Please see the “Access” page for travel directions.

Guided Tours are available as follows;
 These are guided tours which you join in a general group.


Mon thru Fri

Sat, Sun and National Holidays


10:30 ― 12:00

10:00 ― 11:30


13:00 ― 14:30

11:00 ― 12:30


15:00 ― 16:30

13:00 ― 14:30



15:00 ― 16:30

Please ask gate personnel to sign in. Then please wait till your guide comes.

Please sign in at the front gate prior to the start of the tour.

Tours take around 90min.

Your tour is free of charge!

Tour route

    Etajima club (Start)→Ceremonial Hall → Student’s Hall → Navy Museum→Etajima club (End)
   ※Museum is closed 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month.

For more information about buildings, please see the page “Major Buildings

Please email us prior to your date of visit. English brochures will be available.

 For inquires please contact Public affaires, First Service School.


Public affaires, First Service School
Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force     
Etajima. Hiroshima. Japan  

Telephone: 81-823-42-1211 ex.2016