3 June 2019
Visit of Chairman of the NATO Military Committee

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee visited the Joint Staff College. He met with Rear Admiral Izumi, Vice Commandant of the Joint Staff College, Major General Toriumi, Commandant of the JGSDF Command and Staff College, Vice Admiral Inui, President of the JMSDF Command and Staff College, and Lieutenant General Nagashima, Commandant of the JASDF Air Staff College to talk about cooperation and personnel exchanges between Japan and NATO.
    Then he gave a speech to about 340 students and staff members of each colleges in Meguro Base. He said in his speech that NATO has reacted since its foundation in 1949 to various challenges from the Cold War to the 9/11 attacks, its involvement in Afghanistan and the Crimean issue, and has played an important role in the worldfs security. He also added that NATO would adapt to face emerging threats including cyber-attacks so that the cooperation with partners like Japan would continue to be essential.



Group photo Courtesy call

Group photo

Courtesy call

Gift exchange Speech

Gift exchange


Speech Question and answer session


Question and answer session

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