September 4, 2015
Graduation Ceremony (The 10th Joint Intensive Course)

On September 4th, the graduation ceremony for the 10th Joint Intensive Course (JIC) was held at the auditorium of Meguro Base, with the pleasure of MG Onishifs company, Vice President of National Institute for Defense Studies (NIDS), representing President of NIDS.
  The JIC's purpose is for senior officers to acquire the knowledge and skills on joint operations required to carry out missions as a commanding officer or a senior staff officer of major commands.
  From August 3rd, a total of 27 students from three different services (12 from Ground, 8 from Maritime, and 7 from Air Self-Defense Forces) studied joint education mainly through lectures and research on defense strategy for one month.
  The graduates will continue to enroll another course called the Regular Course at NIDS and to study for about ten more months with trainees other than the Ministry of Defense.

Graduates' declararion of course completion Presentation of diploma

Graduates' declararion of course completion  

Presentation of diploma

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