October 30, 2014
Initial Visit by ADM Kawano, New Chief of Joint Staff

On October 30th, the Joint Staff College welcomed ADM Kawano, the new Chief of Joint Staff, during his initial visit to Meguro Base.

@After Commandant Takahashi, Vice Commandant Akashi, and other staff officers greeted him, the events followed in sequence as the officersf statement, college briefing, facility inspection, and leadership talk. During the briefing, Commandant Takahashi explained about the situations of joint education, research and study, and Japan Peacekeeping Training and Research Center (JPC). During the facility tour, ADM Kawano inspected each office, student discussion rooms, and lecture rooms while each Division Head explained about responsible duties.

@Prior to his leaving the Joint Staff College, ADM Kawano had a leadership talk with Commandant Takahashi and Vice Commandant Akashi to conclude his initial visit.


ADM Kawano (left) is greeted

Facility inspection

College briefing


Leadership talk

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