Acquisition, Technology & Logistics Agency


Ground Systems Research Center


The Ground Systems Research Center conducts research on fire arms, ammunition, ballistic and blast-resistant structures, vehicles, vehicular equipment, and engineer equipment.

Systems Division

Research, Test and Evaluation on Fire Arm Systems, Ammunition Systems and Combat Vehicle Systems.

Ballistics Research Division

Research on fire arms, ammunition, warheads, ballistic and blast resistant structures, and survivability analysis.

Mobility Research Division

Research on performance of vehicular subsystems and engineer equipment such as suspension, transmission, engine and land mine detector.


Improvement of Environment Recognition for Remote Controlled Engineering Vehicle System for CBRN Threats

Destructibility of Artillery System with Controlled Fragment Ammunition

Research on Light-weight Combat Vehicle (LCV) System

Research on Active Protection System

Research on Detection/Identification of Energetic Materials

Research on Light-weight Combat Vehicle System (Vehicle Occupant Protection)

Personnel Vulnerability Evaluation Test Rig

Research on Hybrid Propulsion Systems (HPS)

Research on Counter-IED Systems

Light -Weight Band Track Technology

Firing Test, Protection Test

Mobility Test