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C-2 Transport Aircraft



As the successor to C-1, C-2 Transport Aircraft is developed for airlift mission in international peace cooperation activities by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force as well as for securing capabilities for rapid deployment and response to various situations, disasters and all that.

C-2 performs enhanced cruising range, flying speed and payload compared to C-1 with the state-of-the-art technologies, such as Tactical Flight Control system, Auto-Airdrop system, Self-Protection capability and Air-to-Air Refueling capability.

Performance tests and evaluation were completed in March 2017, and JASDF starts operation.


General Dimensions 43.9m×44.4m×14.2m
Cargo Compartment 15.7m×4.0m×4.0m
Speed 0.82Mach
Loadable Weight(Max) 36t(2.25G)
32t(2.5G )
Payload-Range Performance 4,500km(36t  )
5,700km(30t  )
7,600km(20t  )

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