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Research & Development

Direction for R&D of equipment

A whole concept of technology strategy showing a direction of future R&D will be studied so as to possess advanced technology and ensure technological superiority.

R&D of equipment

ATLA has been conducting advanced researches to respond to SDF’s needs and promising technology proposals based on technology-driven ideas, such as improvement of aerial defense capability, improvement of warning and surveillance capability, and unmanned equipment capable of flexible operation at various incidents including massive disasters. Also, ATLA manufactures a prototype that captures cutting-edge technology, and conducts its test & evaluation.

Firstly, in terms of improvement of aerial defense capability, strategic examinations concerning future fighter aircraft, such as research in fighter engine utilizing advanced material technology and research in system integration to use simulation environment for examining the technological appropriateness of future aircraft as well as experimental study of Advanced Technological Demonstrator-X, high mobility stealth aircraft, are being promoted for accumulation and enhancement of fighter-related technology in the country in order to consider development, including the possibility of international joint development, as a choice by the time of F-2 retirement. A decision regarding development shall be made and necessary measures shall be taken by FY2030.

Moreover, from the viewpoint of improvement of warning and surveillance capability, dual-wavelength infrared sensor for outstanding detection and discrimination developed by MOD was loaded on ‘Advanced Optical Satellite,’ an ongoing program by MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) and JAXA, and experimental study in outer space has started. Also, ATLA intends to pursue unmanned equipment research and high mobility powered suit research to enable flexible operations at various incidents including massive disasters.

In addition, from viewpoint of joint operation, the research programs to improve the information capability among SDF services, to build the common information base required for the joint data link system capable of high-speed, large-capacity data communication to accommodate diversified and complicated information, and to provide secure communication function to inter-operation wireless system using the software communication technology (one of Operational Demonstration Programs) are being conducted.

Technology cooperation with domestic institutes

ATLA is actively pursuing research collaboration and information exchange among the national research corporations (such as JAXA) and the universities aiming for infusion of advanced commercial technologies for efficient R&D activities. Such movements are based on mutual, scientific benefits of synergetic effects and are conducted on agreement-base. As a part of the efforts, ATLA has established the special fund called National Security Technology Research Promotion Fund (competitive base) in FY2015 to aid unique and embryotic research of universities, national laboratories and industries that may have potential for future applications.

In this funding system and other collaborations with domestic academia the research results are destined open to public in order to strengthen industry-academia-government ties and to promote open-innovation.