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Privacy Policy

1: Basic Policy

JASDF receives information from visitors of the JASDF Website (hereinafter called "this website"), within the necessary range for the smooth provision of service (such as providing information via the website, and to receive various comments, etc) on this website. Received information is appropriately handled within the range of the purpose of use.

2: The Range of Information Collection

(1)This website automatically collects Internet domain names, IP addresses, and information of this website. However, cookies (information sent from the server to the user's browser and stored on the user's computer, used to identify the user on the server side) are not used.

(2)Please use the "Comments and Opinions" Corner when sharing any comments or opinions regarding this website. When doing so, there is no need to include your name, birth date, age, address, phone number, occupation (hereinafter called "User Attributes") in your comments, in principle. Also, the sender's mail address and voluntarily included user attributes are displayed on the receiver side.

3: Purpose of Use

(1) Regarding information collected in 2.(1) This information is used as reference material for the smooth operation of this website.

(2) Regarding information collected in 2.(2) Comments, etc, including voluntarily included user attributes, are used as reference material in planning measures for the future. For this reason, it is forwarded to the relevant organization and related department within the Ministry of Defense according to the details of the comments, etc. Also, when comments are sent, the mail address is also forwarded to the relevant organization and related department within the Defense Agency, in case a reply is needed.

4: Use and Provision Limits

JASDF does not use the collected information for purposes other than that stated in 3, except when disclosure is required by law, when a violation such as unauthorized access or a threat occurs, or other reason. The statistically processed access information of this website may be made public.

5: Measures to Ensure Security

JASDF takes all necessary measures to prevent the leakage, loss, or damage of the collected information, and to appropriately manage the collected information. Furthermore, while the application management of the equipment used for this website is outsourced, corrective measures for the appropriate management of the collected information have been taken.

6: Disclosure of Personal Information

This website does not collect names, birth dates, or other general information that identifies specific individuals, with the exception of user attributes which are voluntarily disclosed in the "Comments and Opinions". Furthermore, even user attributes that have been voluntarily disclosed in the "Comments and Opinions" are not kept as processing information as regulated in the Article 2, Section 5 of the Law concerning the Protection of Personal Information used in computer processing by Administrative Organizations (Regulation No. 95, December 16, 1988). Therefore, requests for personal information disclosed by a registrant through the "What's New Service", or in "Comments and Opinions", etc, cannot be accepted.

7: Application Range

This privacy policy applies only to this website. The handling of information at each organization of the Ministry of Defense other than JASDF, is conducted under the responsibility of each organization.