Indo-Pacific Deployment 2019(IPD19)

The purpose of this Deployment

The JMSDF will conduct joint exercises in the Indo-Pacific region with the navies and other armed forces of other countries to improve its tactical capabilities and strengthen its coordination with foreign forces. In addition, through these exercises, the JMSDF intends to contribute to the peace and stability of the region and enhance mutual understanding and trust among the participating countries.

About Indo-Pacific Deployment 2019


April 30 (Tue.) – July 10 (Wed.), 2019

Attendant Units

Commander Rear Admiral Hiroshi Egawa, Commander of the JMSDF Escort Flotilla 1
Destroyers JS IZUMO (DDH183) and JS MURASAME (DD101) and four carrier-based aircraft
Personnel Approximately 590

Visit Plan

Activities Photo Albums

[03 JUN]
IPD19 We would like to introduce on-board Air Traffic Controllers. They monitor moving aircraft, landing, take-off and flying around ships airspace visually and by radar, and communicate to pilots by radio. They give them various instructions and advice from taking off through landing, carry out the duties responsible for the safety operation of the aircraft. They contribute to the accomplishment of our missions.

[02 JUN]
IPD19 conducted coping training under various situations at Combat Information Center (CIC). CIC is where important information gather from any section of the ship, to make a decision.

[01 JUN]
IPD19 sailed across the equator and entered into the Southern Hemisphere.Commonly, sailers who passed the equator are called “sons of Neptune” or “Shellbacks” which means become its expert skill,IPD19 is making efforts to maintain and improve their skill as the maritime force of a maritime state Japan..

[31 MAY]
JMSDF personel eat curry rice for lunch every friday.

[31 MAY]
IPD19 conducted a live firing exercise for PHALANX, Rapid Fire and machine gun.

[30 MAY]
We would like to introduce the Metrological personnel. JMSDF as its name suggests, work based on the sea including air space above the sea and the deep underwater, so it always face against nature. They observe weather and sea condition and make prediction as necessary and important information for the safety operation of the ships and the aircrafts.

[29 MAY]
IPD19 departed Port Klang, Malaysia and conducted goodwill exercise with the Royal Malaysian Navy. IPD19 deepened further mutual understanding and cooperation with RMN through goodwill events and exercise.

[28 MAY]
Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief(HA/DR) seminarn was held on JS IZUMO. In the seminar, IPD19 introduced the disaster response function of JS IZUMO, the display and explanation of life rescue equipment of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF), and the training display under the earthquake disaster response situation in joint operation with JMSDF and JGSDF to the Malaysian Forces.

[27 MAY]
Malysian High Officials visited to JS IZUMO.

[27 MAY]
Commanders and crews of IPD19 visited the National memorial park and Japanese Cemetery at Kuala Lumpur and held a wreath ceremony. .

[27 MAY]
CCF1 made a courtesy call to Admiral Datuk Mohd Reza Mohd Sany, Chief of Navy, Malaysia and Lt Gen Datuk Suhaii bin Mat Zaki, Joint Force Commander, Malaysia.

[27 MAY]
crews enjoyed cultural exchange through SHODO (calligraphy) at Hydrographic Center, Royal Malaysian Navy.

[26 MAY]
IPD19 held open ship to local Japanese school Port Klang, Malaysia.

[26 MAY]
IPD19 received a warm welcome in Port Klang, Malaysia. After the welcome ceremony, Rear Admiral Hiroshi Egawa, Commander Escort Flotilla 1, and Vice Admiral DATUK KHAIRUL ANUAR BIN YAHYA, vice-Commander of Royal Malaysian Navy conducted joint press conference.

[26 MAY]
IPD19 arrived in Port Klang, Malaysia.

[25 MAY]
IPD19 conducted advance training of Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief(HA/DR) seminar in the JS IZUMO.

[24 MAY]
IPD19 conducted deck landing practice through the twilight to dark night. Crews watched the sunset, sky and ocean were getting dark.

[23 - 24 MAY]
IPD19 conducted bilateral exercise with Indian Navy and deepened the navy-to-navy relationship.

[23 MAY]
IPD19 conducted Vessel inspection drills. They graded-up to full-fledged training from the basic one. helicopters onboard the JS IZUMO conducted deck landing practice in the night. They maintain readiness to accomplish any mission under the various situation.

[22 MAY]
IPD19 had completed successfully Japan-France-Australia-US multilateral exercise. Through the exercise, JMSDF was able to strengthen cooperation with each navies, contribute to peace and stability in the region, and enhance mutual understanding.

[21 MAY]
IPD19 invited crews of French Navy Aircraft Carrier “CHARLES DE GAULLE (R91)” to JS IZUMO and gave a ship tour for them. They promoted mutual understanding and trust with French Navy through opinion exchange in various direction, and shared knowledge and skills for tactics.

[20 MAY]
IPD19 invited Commanding Officers from each Navy to JS IZUMO, had a ship tour while conducting Japan-France-Australia-US multilateral exercise. They promoted mutual understanding and trust through various opinion exchange. IPD19 crews visited and had a ship tour on the French Navy Carrier CHARLES DE GAULLE (R91) and deepened friendship with her crews.

[19 MAY]
The navigations specialists practice trumpet and flag handling in the bridge.

[19 MAY]
Japan-France-Australia-US started multilateral exercise in the water and the air area of west of the Sumatra Island, Indian Ocean.IPD19 participate in this exercise to improve tactical capability and strengthen cooperation with these Navy as the partners who work together to achieve the “Free and Open Indo-Pacific”, and contribute to the maintenance and strengthening of the maritime order.

[18 MAY]
JS IZUMO and JS MURASAME have capable helicopters operation. Pilots, sensor operators, aircraft maintenance crews and Air controllers are involved to accomplish air missions day and night.

[17 MAY]
IPD19 held the memorial service, lay wreath and dedicated while sailing off Pinang Island, famous of Battle of Pinang in May 1945

[16 MAY]
IPD19 departed Changi Naval Base, Republic of Singapore for the next destination.

[15 MAY]
Japanese Ambassador to Singapore and Commander Escort Flotilla 1 co-hosted reception onboard JS IZUMO and shows Japanese culture to the guests.

[15 MAY]
JS IZUMO and JS MURASAME carried out open-ship and welcomed local residents and participations of the International Maritime Conference & Exhibition 2019, during warship display.

[14 MAY]
JS IZUMO and JS MURASAME crews visited the Royal Australian navy, HMAS CANBERRA (L02).

[14 MAY]
JS IZUMO was visited by Minister for Defence, Republic of Singapore.

[13 MAY]
IPD19 crews INS SHAKTI (A57) and INS KOLKATA (D63).

[12 MAY]
Rear Admiral Hisorshi Egawa, Commander Escort Flotilla 1 (CCF1), held a press conference for local media.

[9 - 12 MAY]
IPD19 participated the ASEAN Defense Ministers' Meeting (ADMM) - Plus Maritime Security Field Training Exercise Phase 2 in the South China Sea.JMSDF promoted practical cooperation and interoperability on the maritime security between the participating countries.

[12 MAY]
IPD19 visited to Singapore Japanese Cemetery Park and held the Wreath Laying Ceremony and cleaned-up the park.

[12 MAY]
IPD19 arrived in Changi Naval Base, Republic of Singapore.

[10 MAY]
Commander, Escort Flotilla 1 transited from JS IZUMO to JS MURASAME by Helicopter, for inspection JS MURASAME.

[10 MAY]
It's friday. The most of JMSDF personnel have a curry rice at friday lunch.

[09 MAY]
the activities of hull maintenance. Their responsibility is damage control in case of the emergency such as fire, flooding, and carry out the duties necessary to maintain the ship life such as water management, emergency repair and bill work. They contributes to the accomplishment of IPD missions.

[08 MAY]
Having meals are most enjoyable time to all crews on long term cruise. On JS IZUMO, the Culinary Specialists (CS) cook for more than 400 at every meal. CS job is not only cooking but also managing crew’s health mentally and physically, and vital in maintaining high crew morale to carry out any missions

[05 MAY]
IPD19 crews including JGSDF personnel joined the class to study of the vessel inspection as pre-briefing.
IPD carried out the Cargo Sling drill which is necessary training to transport stuff hanging by helicopter, including Desorption of cable from hovering helicopter.

[04 MAY]
IPD19 carried out fire fighting drill on the assumption fire on the ship. They train it again and again so that their body respond immediately in any situation.

[03 MAY]
It's a Friday, today. Most of JMSDF personnel eat curry rice for lunch on Friday. IPD19 crews also enjoyed their curry rice at lunch and renewed vitality for coming missions.

[02 MAY]
All crews of IPD19 celebrated a great news that our crew’s baby was born on the first day of REIWA era.
The crews worked out physical fitness to maintain their physical strength.
Members of Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade, JGSDF displayed hemostasis method to the medical personnel of JMSDF.

[01 MAY]
This is very first day of REIWA era.
IPD19 conducted several exercises such as Anti-piracy drill and the deck landing drill while sailing in the Pacific Ocean.

[30 APR]
Indo - Pacific Deployment 2019 (IPD19), JS IZUMO (DDH 183) and JS MURASAME (DD 101) departed their mother port, YOKOSUKA and crews were seeing off by their family and friends.