Indo-Pacific Deployment 2019(IPD19)

The purpose of this Deployment

The JMSDF will conduct joint exercises in the Indo-Pacific region with the navies and other armed forces of other countries to improve its tactical capabilities and strengthen its coordination with foreign forces. In addition, through these exercises, the JMSDF intends to contribute to the peace and stability of the region and enhance mutual understanding and trust among the participating countries.

About Indo-Pacific Deployment 2019


April 30 (Tue.) – July 10 (Wed.), 2019

Attendant Units

Commander Rear Admiral Hiroshi Egawa, Commander of the JMSDF Escort Flotilla 1
Destroyers JS IZUMO (DDH183) and JS MURASAME (DD101) and four carrier-based aircraft
Personnel Approximately 590

Visit Plan

Activities Photo Albums

[06 MAY]
It is a state of the dental checkup, the hornor guard training and the vesel inspection drill.
Medical and dental officers are on-board the IPD19 ship, and provides treatment at facilities such as a hospital, gives advise on health maintenance and maintain crew's readiness.

[05 MAY]
IPD19 crews including JGSDF personnel joined the class to study of the vessel inspection as pre-briefing.
IPD carried out the Cargo Sling drill which is necessary training to transport stuff hanging by helicopter, including Desorption of cable from hovering helicopter.

[04 MAY]
IPD19 carried out fire fighting drill on the assumption fire on the ship. They train it again and again so that their body respond immediately in any situation.

[03 MAY]
It's a Friday, today. Most of JMSDF personnel eat curry rice for lunch on Friday. IPD19 crews also enjoyed their curry rice at lunch and renewed vitality for coming missions.

[02 MAY]
All crews of IPD19 celebrated a great news that our crew’s baby was born on the first day of REIWA era.
The crews worked out physical fitness to maintain their physical strength.
Members of Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade, JGSDF displayed hemostasis method to the medical personnel of JMSDF.

[01 MAY]
This is very first day of REIWA era.
IPD19 conducted several exercises such as Anti-piracy drill and the deck landing drill while sailing in the Pacific Ocean.

[30 APR]
Indo - Pacific Deployment 2019 (IPD19), JS IZUMO (DDH 183) and JS MURASAME (DD 101) departed their mother port, YOKOSUKA and crews were seeing off by their family and friends.