Operations(July to Dec, 2018)

(27 NOV - 5 DEC) JS HYUGA (DDH181) conducted bilateral exercise with USS Ronald Reagan (CVN76) and other ships. JMSDF improved tactical capabilities of Naval operation and strengthened alliance with the US Navy.

(18 - 28 NOV) JMSDF conducted the Mine Warfare training, and Minesweeping Special Training with U.S. and Australian Navy in “Hyuga-Nada”, offshore of Miyazaki Pref. Through the exercise, JMSDF improved tactical capabilities and promoted the cooperation with U.S. and Australian Navy.

(24 NOV) JMSDF held welcome ceremony for HMCS CALGARY (FF335) and AOR ASTERIX that goodwill visit to Sasebo Base, and JS KIRISAME(DD104) was dispatched as host ship. JMSDF will deepen friendship and mutual understanding through various exchange events.

(22 NOV) JMSDF is conducting the Mine Warfare training, and Minesweeping Special Training with US and Australian Navy since 18 NOV in Hyuga-Nada, offshore of Miyazaki Pref. The pictures show the training process of MCH-101, Minesweeping and cargo carrying Helicopter tow the acoustic minesweeping equipment.

(18 NOV) JMSDF is conducting the Mine Warfare training, and Minesweeping Special Training with US and Australian Navy since 18 NOV in Hyuga-Nada, offshore of Miyazaki Pref. The pictures show the EODs (Explosive Ordnance Disposal diver) from whole JMSDF are evaluated their skill of mine disposal.

(8 – 16 NOV) JS Fuyuzuki (DD118) conducted bilateral exercise with the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN76) and USS John C. Stennis (CVN74) and other ships of US Navy.
Through such exercise, JMSDF will strengthening further cooperation with the US Navy and continue to contribute to regional stability.

(15 NOV) JMSDF Minesweepers participating to “Mine Warfare training and Minesweeping Special Training” arrived at Aburatsu, Miyazaki Pref. And JS HIRASHIMA (MSC601) held open ship for local people including Mayer of Nichinan-city and deepening understanding of the JMSDF, including the mission of minesweepers.

(18 - 28 NOV) JMSDF schedule to conduct “Mine Warfare Training and Minesweeping Special Training (Japan-Australia and U.S. trilateral training)”. This training involves 22 naval vessels, 2 to 3 aircraft of JMSDF, 1 U.S. Naval vessel, 2 aircraft and 10 Divers, and 2 Australian Navy vessels.
This is the first minesweep training in Japan conducting with other country except U.S.Navy.
The photos show the state of the Minesweeper Tender JS BUNGO (MST464) that departed from Yokosuka on 13 for participate this training and Welcoming of the Minehunter Coastal HMAS GASCOYNE (MHC85) that arrived at Kure on10.

(10 NOV) The icebreaker SHIRASE (AGB 5003), operated by the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force, left Harumi port, Tokyo to support the 60th Antarctic research expedition. Almost members of the expedition team will board the ship in Fremantle, Australia. Then the icebreaker “SHIRASE” sail towards the Syowa base, Antarctica.

(4 NOV) The security dogs “Nachi” and “Todo Maru” belong to Petroleum Terminal KURE, Repair and Supply Facility KURE, JMSDF, and “Berdy“ belong to Tsuiki Air Base, JASDF participated in the disaster exercise organized by Hiroshima prefecture. After the exercise, "Nachi" and "Todo Maru" were encouraged by Mr. Yuzaki, Governor of Hiroshima Prefectural and exchanged with the citizens who were visiting the tour. Special shoes for the security dog were introduced from this exercise, and "Nachi" and "Todo Maru" were delighted with the their first shoes.

(29 OCT - 8 NOV) JMSDF participated Joint/bilateral exercise between JSDF and U.S. Force. Through this exercise, JMSDF succeed to enhanced cooperation with U.S. Force and other SDFs, increased readiness of JMSDF and promoted interoperability with U.S. Force.

(5 - 8 NOV) JMSDF conducted welcome ceremony for ROK DAEN JOYOUNG(DDH-977), ROK CHEON JABONG (LST-686) and ROK ILCHULBONG (LST-688) visited Sasebo. During their stay, both JMSDF and ROKN officer candidates exchanged opinion about Leaderships and spent good time together.

(30 OCT) JMSDF Training Squadron completed its long cruise and arrived to Yokosuka Base. The number of days cruising reached 163 days, visiting 10 countries (12 ports) and TS aimed for good friendship with each visiting country. This training cruise was good experience to cultivate the habituation of ocean and international sense for Newly Commissioned Officers.

(28 OCT) The Fleet Air Wing 21 was requested by Japan Coast Guard (JCG) to rescue and transport 8 survivors of the Taiwanese boat that rolled over in the waters off Iwoto Island and two of UH-60J rescued all crews and took over to JCG at the Iwoto Air Base.

(27 OCT) The Commandant, Kure District JMSDF gave a commendation on behalf of Minister of Defense to three of security dogs for the Search and Rescue activity to find missing by deserter, heavy raining in July,2018.
By the way, the extra prize to dogs was dog food.