Indo-Pacific Deployment 2020 (IPD20)


(1)To improve JMSDF tactical capabilities and to strengthen cooperation with partner navies in the Indo-Pacific region through conducting joint exercises
(2) To contribute to the peace and stability of the region and to enhance mutual understanding and relationship with partner countries through the deployment

About Indo-Pacific Deployment 2019


SEP 7 (MON) – OCT 17 (SAT), 2020

Participating Units

Commander Commander, Escort Flotilla 2, RADM KONNO Yasushige
Units JS KAGA (DDH184) , JS IKAZUCHI (DD107) , 3 embarked helicopters , and a submarine
Personnel Approx. 580

Countries to visit for replenishment

Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
(Other countries to visit are still under coordination)

Type of exercises

Various tactical exercises

Activities Photo Albums

Arrive back

The Unit completed all exercise and training, and going back each home separately

Replenishment At Sea with JS HAMANA (AOE 424)


Japan-US birateral exercise

Departure at Cam Ranh, Socialist Pepublic of Vietnam

Arrive at Cam Ranh, Socialist Pepublic of Vietnam

PHOTEX・Antisubmarine exercise

Replenishment At Sea

Hoist training・Cargo sling training

Japan-Indonesia birateral exercise

Pass JS ARIAKE (DD109) who heading to off Somalia Gulf of Aden for Deployment surface for counter Piracy Enforcement

Tactical maneuvering

Service stripes Ceremony

Japan-India birateral exercise


PHOTEX・Replenishment At Sea

Japan-Sri Lanka birateral exercise

Arrive at Colombo,Sri Lanka

Gunnex 12.7mm

Onboard memorial service

Japan-Australia birateral exercise


Hot pump

Boat Training


Replenishment At Sea

Leap Frog and Replenishment At Sea

Cross Deck

Offshore Exercise

station maneuver

Vessel inspection drill/Coping training under various situations at Combat Information Center(CIC)

Emergency deck landing practice

Indo - Pacific Deployment 2020 (IPD20), JS KAGA (DDH 184) and JS IKAZUCHI (DD 107) departed each of JMSDF port.