September 8, 2014
Enrollment Ceremony (The 29th Special Course)

On September 8th, the enrollment ceremony for the 29th Special Course (SC) was held at the auditorium of Meguro Base, with the pleasure of Mr. Yutaka Shohda's company, President of the Toh-Yu-Kai and the 36th Commandant of Joint Staff College.
 SC's purpose is for senior officers to acquire the advanced knowledge on specific matters regarding joint service operations required to carry out missions as a commanding officer or a senior executive staff officer of major commands.
 A total of twenty four students from three different services, who are Maj Gen/RADM and Col/CAPT (six from Ground, eleven from Maritime, and seven from Air Self-Defense Forces) will study together for about one month.

式辞 学生

Lt Gen Takahashi’s address

Students of the 29th Special Course

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