March 11, 2014
Enrollment Ceremony (16th Joint Advanced Course)

On March 11th, the enrollment ceremony for 16th Joint Advanced Course (JAC) was held at the auditorium of Meguro Base with LTG Matsumura, Vice Chief of Staff, Joint Staff, participation. LTG Matsumura took part in the ceremony on behalf of the Chief of Staff, Joint Staff.
@JACfs purpose is to educate and train senior officers on joint operations to fulfill missions as commanding officers or senior staff officers of major commands. A total of 48 Col`LtCol level student officers who represent the three different services (17 from the Ground Self Defense Force, 16 from the Maritime Self Defense and 15 from the Air Defense Force) will study together at the Joint Staff College for 5 months. Student officers once again took the SDF membersf oath to remind themselves the mission of the SDF and live up to the expectations from Japanese nationals at the ceremony.
@In the meantime, address by the Chief of Staff, Joint Staff and the JSC Commandant were given.


LTG Matsumura gives the address on behalf of Chief of Staff, Joint Staff

VADM Ito, JSC Commandant, gives the address

Z 鐾

16th JAC students

SDF membersf oath

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