Physical Training School - J.S.D.F

【About the Physical Training School】

Missions of the Physical Training School
In 1961, the Physical Training School was established at Camp Asaka, Japan Self-Defense Forces. It is aimed at developing physical training instructors for the troops, producing the world-class athletes and conducting research into the physical training. The Physical Training School, it is also known as `PTS`, marked 60 years in 2020.

The milestones of the Physical Training School

Year Events
1961 The Physical Training School was established at Camp Asaka/Tokyo
1962 The initiation of education through the Special Physical Training Course
1964 20 athletes participated in the Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games
1982 Employing the first female athlete(Shooting)
2015 Lowering the age of athlathlete`s enlistment from over 20 to 18 years old
2016 Reorganization of the Winter Season Special Physical Training and the Education Office. It is knows as `3rd Edu Div.`
2017 The canoe and women`s rugby sections were reorganized from an intensive training session to the Special Physical Training Course
2018 The first participation in the Winter Olympic games from the Physical Training School (Biathlon/Cross-country)
2021 The participation in Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (Won 5 medals: A record high))

(*)Special Physical Training Course-Nurturing world-class athletes


 11 summer sporting event sections are established in Camp Asaka, two winter sporting event sections are located in Camp Makomanai. We are nurturing physical training instructors, martial arts and combative instructors for the Ground, Maritime, and Air Self-Defense Forces.


【About sporting events at PTS】

 We have 13 Olympic sporting event sections and nurture athletes who aim to win the medals at the Olympic games.


【The practice environment at PTS】

 We have a wide variety of training facilities such as a general training room, two indoor wimming pools, shooting range, a hypoxic chamber, a treatment room, etc. Our athletes can enjoy the tremendous advantages from Self-Defense Forces of scale. There are Self-Defense Force Hospitals nearby. Our athletes can receive high standards of medical care.


【About the Physical Training of Japan self-Defense Force】

 We develop physical training instructors,martial arts and combative instructors for troops to keep the powerful JSDF.