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Ground Systems Development Division

Research and Development Programs

Amphibious Obstacle Clearance System(Mine Clearance System)

Amphibious Obstacle Clearance System(Mine Clearance System)is used by landing units to clear minefield at the water’s edge prior to landing after maritime maneuvers in amphibious operations.

Research on Future Amphibious Technology

The purpose of this research is to acquire technical information that can be used for the improvement of future amphibious technologies, which enables waterborne maneuverability and rapid deployment of combat units into the theater. Through the research, ATLA aims to ensure the technological superiority of Japan and to establish the foundation for effective and efficient development of future defense equipment. The result of this research is utilized in the five-year US Japan cooperative research program, which started in May 2019.

Products After Development

155㎜ Self-Propelled Howitzer(Wheeled)

155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer(Wheeled), which is planned to replace 155mm howitzer FH70 and to be equipped to field artillery units, is able to maneuver in wide-area rapidly and used for long-range fire supports to destroy enemy units in various contingencies.

Operation Concept

Mobile Combat Vehicle(MCV)

The MCV is a wheeled armored fighting vehicle mounting a 105mm tank gun.The vehicle engages and destroys enemy armor and provides direct fire support to infantry units. High on-road mobility and air transportability of this vehicle will enhance strategic mobility of JGSDF.

NBC Reconnaissance Vehicle(RV)

NBC RV was developed to provide the Chemical Corps, and it can conduct reconnaissance quickly and accurately to clarify the state of NBC warfare agents’ contamination by means of mounted high sensitive and identifiable NBC new sensors.

Operation Concept

Network Electronic Warfare System (NEWS)

This system is developed for analysis of electronic wave and for electronic attack to enemy’s electronic activity in order to obtain information superiority.

Operation Concept