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NATO Codification System

1.Overview of NATO Codification System

NATO Codification System is created for sharing information on equipment and related items among NATO participating nations and related nations applying NATO Stock Number after identifying item classification (for aircraft, vehicle component and so on) or identifying item (dimension, material and main characteristics) based on NATO regulations for promotion of interoperability, reduction of duplication and other measures for supply using common language of logistics among participating nations of this system.

Level of sponsorship in Non-NATO nations participating in this system comprises of Tier 1 and Tier 2. Japan started Tier 1 in April, 2011 and levelled up to Tier 2 in October, 2020.

※Tier 1: use of NCS available
Tier 2: use of NCS and 2-way data exchange available

2.Main Mission of Tier 2 Sponsorship of Japan

For introducing Japanese products abroad Japan itself started registration of item data in the NATO Codification System and application of NATO Stock Number in response to participating nations of this system which request codification of Japanese products they procured abroad ever since becoming Tier 2 nation on the first day of October, 2020.

Adding to this Japan started requesting user registration to nations abroad.

On NCAGE Code Japan started creation and updates of the code in place of NSPA (NATO Support and Procurement Agency).

Continuing this data registration leads to accumulation of information of our items in line with international standards in the NATO Codification System and opportunity of Japanese items’ information to be released among participating nations increase. And consideration of item alternatives, smooth response to parts depletion, timely procurement of items in the deploying area using Japanese products will be in place among the participating nations.

Japan makes its best for smooth implementation of its mission, building up better relationship among the participating nations keeping up with the system alteration by participating international conferences on NATO Codification System.

3.Request to Companies

On the other hand when export of items or transfer of technology abroad is to be made after business negotiation is concluded, having approval from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is required based on Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act.

When registering item data of Japanese products in NATO Codification System in response to request from foreign nations, in case details on the item are required, Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Agency (ATLA) may directly contact the company for inquiry.

Please cooperate with us on the occasion.

Please make a contact to this address when you need more assistance.

4.NCAGE Code (NATO Commercial And Government Entity Code)

Please go to (NCAGE Code Request Tool) when creating or updating NCAGE Code.

NCAGE Code creation or update requires maximumly 10 business days.
Reflection is made as follows:
1 data processing at ATLA
2 data transmission to NSPA
3 data processing at NSPA
Normally in next business day afternoon or later.

Processing needs more time for system maintenance, in Christmas/New Year holidays. Please refer to information below on the schedule. NCAGE Code data is systematically altered from lower-case letters to upper-case letters. Please make a contact to this address when you need assistance on NCAGE Code creation or update.

※NCAGE Code Request Tool


Notification of products with S-type NCAGE (SCAGE) Code marking

Notification of NCAGE Creation/Updates in the Christmas and New Year holiday

Please make a contact via e-mail except in case of emergency.

[email protected]


○ Influence of NCAGE Code processing reflecting transition of SAM (the System for Award Management) registration by USG

There is no influence in creation and update processing of NCAGE Code at ATLA (Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Agency) in response to USG notification on transition from UEI※ (DUNS) to UEI (SAM) in registering SAM starting from April 4 2022 (Mon).

UEI (SAM) is applied in USG system and NCAGE Code ATLA applies is different. For more UEI (SAM) details or inquiries please go to( Gov).

Please make sure that as SAM is a USG system, reflection of NCAGE Code data with SAM is not at the same time and may take several more business days after NCAGE Code creation and update. Please go to Commercial And Government Entity Program for NCAGE Code reflection status in USG.

※UEI, Unique Entity Identifier, is an identifier to make confirmation with name and address and so on of unique entity USG uses on SAM registration and update by an entity