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Gifu Test Center

Who We Are

Gifu Test Center, located on Gifu Air Base (Kakamigahara City), conduct test and evaluation of aircrafts, aircraft engines, avionics, other components and guided munitions.


Utility Rotorcraft for Flight Test(BK-117)

The rotorcraft for flight test (BK-117)flies as a testbed, target, camera ship or range surveillance ship.

Mobile Telemetry System

The vehicle equipped with telemetric devices, receives data transmitted from test subjects, and processes them for real-time monitoring.

Ongoing Test and Evaluation

Developmental Test and Evaluation of Maritime Patrol Helicopter (Capability Improvement)

The new maritime patrol helicopter has been developed to improve the capability of the SH-60K to ensure superiority in anti-submarine warfare and to deal with complexed situations in the sea areas surrounding Japan.
 The test force, stationed at Atsugi Air Base conducts the flight test in cooperation with JMSDF.