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Defense Industrial Security Manual

1.Internationalization of Defense Industry and Reinforcement of Industrial Security

Japan’s defense industries are exposed to the threats posed by intelligence activities of foreign countries including cyberattacks and it is necessary to develop, manufacture, and maintain defense equipment of Japan Self-Defense Force and to participate in international equipment and technology cooperation while protecting classified information appropriately.

In recent years, Japan’s defense industries are increasingly being internationalized (in production and maintenance by domestic industries of U.S. FMS equipment such as F-35, Japan-U.S. joint development and manufacturing of SM-3 etc, Japan-UK-Italy joint development of next-generation fighter aircraft (GCAP: Global Combat Air Program)).

It is indispensable to have ”substantially equivalent” industrial security system in order to protect classified information appropriately among ally and like-minded countries and proceed with international cooperative projects.

※ Japan joined Multinational Industrial Security Working Group(MISWG) as the first Asian country to be an official member in 2023. MISWG aims to standardize industrial security procedures among member states and contributes to the smooth implementation of international cooperation.

Japan decided to strengthen industrial security of Japan based on the international standards for smooth international equipment cooperation and strengthened defense production and technology bases in the National Defense Strategy in December 2022.

2.Formulation of the Defense Industrial Security Manual (DISM)

In Japan, although there are basic rules for defense industrial security based on laws and regulations such as Specially Designated Secrets Protection Act and internal rules, there had been no integrated document regarding such laws and regulations so far.

On the other hand, other countries have integrated documents on rules for industrial security. For example, U.S. has formulated National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM).

⇒ ATLA has formulated “Defense Industrial Security Manual”” which unifies information security measures based on laws and regulations in order to increase transparency and reliability of Japan’s defense industrial security as well as to contribute to defense equipment and technology cooperation.

3.Defense Industrial Security Manual

Defense Industrial Security Manual

4.Point of Contact for the DISM

♦Point of contact
Equipment Security Management Division, Department of Equipment Policy, ATLA
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