Message from the President

President of NDA

Thank you for visiting our site. This is the welcome message of the president of the National Defense Academy of Japan, Ryosei Kokubun.

Activity of Self-Defense Forces

Since Great East Japan Earthquake (March 11, 2011), the significance of existence of the National Defense Academy of Japan has increased. It is well known that the former president, Makoto Iokibe, played a very important role in the Reconstruction Design Council as a chairman. A lot of people saw how devotedly and faithfully the Self-Defense Forces (SDF) members worked in the disaster sites and nuclear accident areas, even in an orderly manner. I think that is why the National Defense Academy of Japan is getting public attention now. The recent opinion survey also shows that more and more people have a good feeling toward the SDF. I think this high opinion comes from the news presses that put the spotlight on SDF's secure activities. The SDF members have been always doing their stuff with good faith, and the news medias only put their hard-working efforts, which should have been evaluated more, in public views this time. We saw many tragic episodes in the earthquake and tsunami, but still found some hopes. We now know that the fishing villages and farm villages in the Tohoku area, the SDF, police force, firefighters, Japan Coast Guard, NGOs, young people, and many sectors that got little attention so far, are supporting the Japanese society from the base energetically and growing steadily.

Role of Self-Defense Forces

The primary duty of the SDF is national defense. Recently, the national defense in East Asia where we are living becomes more and more important and complicated. Weapons of mass destruction are spreading, military expansion like missile development is a burning issue, and serious maritime and territorial issues and conflicts are occurring frequently. Under these circumstances, the SDF are aiming to enhance "dynamic defense force" providing higher maneuverability and making efforts night and day for that purpose. Although these activities are invisible to the general public, they defend and support Japan behind the scenes. The SDF are also making international contributions precariously such as PKO (peace-keeping operations), humanitarian support, and emergency reconstruction assistance, and acquiring international stature increasingly. In other words, their activities are related to the "human security," which has attracted the attention recently. Although they are not so impressive in daily lives, we have taken time to continue our good works. I believe the results and properties that the SDF acquired in its history have finally come into the public limelight and received high acclaim.

Policy and mission of National Defense Academy of Japan

The National Defense Academy of Japan was born in Showa 27 (1952) as the Safety College, renamed in Showa 29, and moved to the current site, Obaradai, in Showa 30. The Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida made a suggestion of the concept of the academy after World War II for the first time, and Tomoo Maki, the professor of Faculty of Law in Keio University recommended by Shinzo Koizumi, the former Keio's president, took up a post as the founding president. Tomoo Maki is just the person who built up a foundation of the academy. Under his high ideals and strong leadership, the academy held the line against the pre-war educations, and started as a new defense academy in the democracy age, which educated fast-track bureaucrats of army, navy, and air force, together.

We have to grow and stabilize our results and properties. To provide promising and missionary leaders to the society is the duty of the National Defense Academy of Japan. We do not necessarily lead the society. Our mission is to protect one precious homeland, Japan, and independence, peace and security of the people living there at the final defense line. In general universities, students think seriously about life though their studies and go about getting a job according to their knowledge and experiences acquired in the universities. However, actually many students get lost in the job-scarce world in these days. The students of the National Defense Academy are completely different. Instead of employment, they have a clear mission that is to protect Japan, and Japanese people's independence, peace, and security. This is a sublime mission.

Fruitful campus life

Recently, the National Defense Academy of Japan provides diversified admission systems to collect various types of students from all over the country. Also, the academy faculties and stuffs collaboratively continue reformation of the education systems and services for students in its excellent facilities and equipment. Students have to get various hard trainings and learn disciplines by necessary. However, they can also learn a wide variety of majors and subjects, experience excellent English education and small group in-depth education, enjoy various unique activities like a swimming marathon, ski, parade, BOTAOSHI (a game in which players try to pull down the opponents' pole), and dance party, and get a lot of opportunities of overseas trainings and short-term overseas education. They can also enjoy a wide range of clubs and circles activities. We believe they are satisfied with their campus lives, which no other university provide. At last, the students achieve the distinction of the graduation ceremony, which the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense participate in.

The National Defense Academy of Japan is located in Yokosuka Obaradai in Miura Peninsula, from where we can see Bay of Tokyo and Mount Fuji. The place is not so far from the city center, but full of nature, and provides the best educational environment. We hope you join us and enjoy the joys of youth with the excellent educational stuffs, sincere and eager trainers, and faculties who love the academy and students.

We continue our efforts to train promising youngsters for the future peace and security of Japan based on our past results and experiences.

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