Commander in Chief of Self Defense Fleet hosted Fleet Commanders’ Round Table (FCRT).

Commander in Chief, Self Defense Fleet, VADM SAITO Akira hosted Fleet Commanders’ Round Table (FCRT) 2024 by the fleet commanders from Japan, the U.S., Australia, and the Republic of Korea.
The FCRT is a conference of fleet commanders from Japan, the U.S., Australia, and the Republic of Korea to discuss information sharing on causes of instability in the region, defense cooperation, and joint exercises to improve tactical capabilities for peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region.
We invited Canada, New Zealand, and the Philippines as observers for the first time and discussed actively how to cooperate with each other, including how to secure Sea Line of Communication (SLOC).
VADM SAITO said, "SLOCs in the Indo-Pacific are very important and the lifeline that supports the world economy. All concerned countries need to work together and synchronize their activities in their respective maritime areas to protect the safety of SLOC, and it must be conducted not only by naval forces but also by governments."
"Meeting with my counterparts at the Fleet Commander Round Table reminded all of us that we are greater than the sum of our parts when we operate together as like-minded allies and partners committed to the values and international order that have fostered peace and security in this region for so long," said Vice Adm. Fred Kacher, commander, U.S. 7th Fleet. "My sincere thanks to the JMSDF leadership for hosting such a professional event that gave us the opportunity to engage in such honest and direct conversations among key maritime leaders."
The Self Defense Fleet maintains readiness and contributes to the peace and stability of the Indo-Pacific region, not only for the defense of Japan but also for the realization of a “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” in cooperation with allied and like-minded navies.