JS ARIAKE conducted a Japan-U.S. bilateral exercise.

JS ARIAKE conducted a Japan-U.S. bilateral exercise with USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT, USS DANIEL INOUE, USS RUSSEL, and U.S patrol aircraft P-8A at sea and airspace from the East China Sea to the south of Shikoku.
The Commander of Escort Division 5, Captain GOTO Masahiro, who led the Japanese unit, said, "Through the exercise, we improved our tactical capability and interoperability between the JMSDF and the U.S. Navy. The JMSDF and the U.S Navy are working together more tightly than ever before, and contributing to the deterrence and response capabilities of the Japan-U.S. alliance for regional peace and stability. We will continue to work closely with the U.S. Navy and conduct absolutely our assigned missions."
The Self Defense Fleet maintains readiness and contributes to the peace and stability of the Indo-Pacific region, not only for the defense of Japan but also for the realization of a “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” in cooperation with allied and like-minded navies.