P-1 participated in a Dispatched Aircraft Training in the U.S.

From December 2 to 9, P-1 from Air Patrol Squadron 3, Fleet Air Wing 4 was dispatched to the U.S. to participate in a bilateral anti-submarine warfare exercise with U.S. Navy in Andersen Air Force Base and the air space around the base, Guam, U.S.
The detachment commander, Commanding Officer of Air Patrol Squadron 3, Lieutenant Commander AKIMOTO Daisuke said, “We conducted a high-level bilateral exercise with the U.S. Navy around a huge exercise area in Guam. Strengthening the cooperation with the U.S. Navy can constitute the basis of national security of Japan surrounded by the sea, and it contributes to peace and stability of the Indo-Pacific region. The personnels of both JMSDF and USN support it and they improved their tactical capabilities through this exercise. Additionally, my dispatched crew members accomplished their missions under the unfamiliar environment in Guam and I felt proud of them as the commander.”
The Self-Defense Fleet maintains readiness and contributes to peace and stability of the Indo-Pacific region, not only for the defense of Japan, but also for the realization of a “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” in cooperation with allied and like-minded navies.