JS YUDACHI conducted a Japan-U.S. bilateral exercise.

From November 19 to 21, JS YUDACHI conducted a Japan-U.S. bilateral exercise with USS CARL VINSON, USS HOPPER, USS KIDD, USS STERETT, and USS WILLIAM P. LAWRENCE in the sea and airspace from south of Shikoku to the East China Sea.
Commander, Escort Division 6, Captain YOKOYAMA Shigeki said, “Through the exercise, we improved our tactical capabilities and interoperability with the U.S. Navy, and I believe that we strengthened deterrence and defense capability of the Japan-U.S. Alliance. We will continue working closely with allied and like-minded countries to maintain our responsiveness to address any contingency at any time for strengthening regional stability.”
The Self Defense Fleet maintains readiness and contributes to the peace and stability of the Indo-Pacific region, not only for the defense of Japan but also for the realization of a “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” in cooperation with allied and like-minded navies.