JS IKAZUCHI conducted PASSEX with Royal Oman Navy ship AL-RAHMANI.

On August 3, the 45th Deployment Surface Force Counter Piracy Enforcement (DSPE) unit, JS IKAZUCHI conducted Japan-Oman PASSEX with the Royal Oman Navy ship AL-RAHMANI in the Arabian Sea.
The Commanding Officer of JS IKAZUCHI, Commander TANAKA Hiroaki said, “Japan and Oman have been building our friendship traditionally since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1972. DSPE units use the Port of Duqm in Oman as a main replenishment point. The units also deepen mutual understanding and friendship through defense exchanges and combined exercises with the Royal Oman Navy when they visit there.”
The Self-Defense Fleet maintains maximum readiness and contributes to peace and stability of the Indo-Pacific region by making full use of the flexibility and mobility that are characteristic of the naval forces, and by cooperating with allied and like-minded navies, not only for the defense of Japan, but also to realize a “Free and Open Indo-Pacific.”