IPD23 unit JS SHIRANUI and submarine participated in a Japan-U.S.-Australia-ROK multilateral exercise “Pacific Vanguard 2023”.

During 1-10 July, the First Surface Unit of the Indo-Pacific Deployment 2023 (IPD23), JS SHIRANUI and a submarine conducted a Japan-U.S.-Australia-ROK multilateral exercise (Pacific Vanguard 2023) with U.S. Navy USS HOWARD, a submarine, USNS SEZARL CHABEZ, P-8A, U.S. Marine Corps 5th Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (5th ANGLICO), III Marine Expeditionary Force, Royal Australian Navy Excise Control Staff (EXCON Staff), and ROKS MUN MU DAEWANG in waters surrounding Guam. The exercise included several types of trainings relating to anti-surface firing, anti-ground firing, anti-surface warfare, and anti-submarine warfare to improve its tactical capabilities and strengthen cooperation among participating navies.
The Commanding Officer of JS SHIRANUI, Commander MINAMI Kazuhiro said,“Japan-U.S.-Australia-ROK multilateral exercise (Pacific Vanguard) has been conducted since 2019 and this is the 6th time. It is designed to improve joint response capabilities between four countries under the complex and high-threat environment in order to maintain free and stable access to the ocean, which is our global commons. Through this exercise, I am certain that we could strengthen cooperation with the participating navies to realize a ‘Free and Open Indo-Pacific’ and contribute to peace and stability of the Indo-Pacific region as well as maintenance and enforcement of international maritime order.”
The Self-Defense Fleet maintains readiness and contributes to peace and stability of the Indo-Pacific region, not only for the defense of Japan but also for the realization of a “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” in cooperation with allied and like-minded navies.