Inspection of the Maritime Operations Center by Commander of the EU-NAVFOR-ATALANTA.

On March 16, Commander in Chief, Self Defense Fleet, Vice Admiral SAITO Akira, had a conversation with Commander of the EU-NAVFOR-ATALANTA, Spanish Navy Vice Admiral Jose M Nuñez, visiting Yokosuka.
“Since Anti-piracy of Japan Self-Defense Force started in the Gulf of Aden in 2009, JMSDF have conducted Japan-EU Naval Force exercises more than 20 times. Through international cooperative efforts including EU Naval Force, we recognize piracy has been deterred. We will deepen relationship with EU Naval Force furthermore through bilateral exercises.” Vice Admiral SAITO Akira said in the meeting.
The Self-Defense Fleet maintains responsiveness, safeguards the peace and defense     of Japan, continues to integrate with allied and like-minded navies and contributes to the stability of the Indo-Pacific region in order to realize a “Free and Open Indo-Pacific.”