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The 22nd Asia Pacific Naval College Seminar

   The JMSDF Command and Staff College(MCSC) is hosting the 22nd Asia Pacific Naval College Seminar (APNCS) from 25 Feb to 4 Mar, 2019. APNCS has been held annually since 1998 to obtain and make use of the results of the symposium attended by Naval College instructors and researchers in the Asia Pacific region for MCSC’s education and to promote mutual understanding among the participating countries through exchange of views and field trips.
   This time, 19 Naval officers from 18 nations and 5 discussants from 4 organizations attended this seminar: Keio University, IBC Consulting & Publishing Group, Sasakawa Peace Foundation, and National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies. From JMSDF, 1 officer as participant and 4 officers as facilitator/discussant joined in this seminar.
    On 25 Feb, briefings from Joint Staff Office and Maritime Staff Office and Reception were held.
   On a.m. 26 Feb, Opening Ceremony and Keynote Speech by H.E. Mr. Nobukatsu Kanehara, Deputy Secretary General of National Security Secretariat and Assistant Chief Cabinet Secretary were held.
   From p.m.26 Feb to 28 Feb, 4 sessions and discussion will be held under the main theme of “Cooperation among the navies in the free and open Indo-Pacific”. In each session, participants delivers a presentation and representatives from countries and organizations exchange their views.

   ~Schedule of Events~
25 Feb            Briefings from JSO and MSO, Reception
26 Feb            Opening Ceremony, Keynote Speech, Session 1
27 Feb            Session 2, Session 3
28 Feb            Session 4, Discussion, Closing Ceremony
1 Mar – 4 Mar  Base Visit (Yokosuka) and Cultural Tour (Kofu and Hakone)


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