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 About MCSC

 Spirit of Foundation

As the highest educational institution in the JMSDF, the JMSDF Command and Staff College has adopted three mottoes: "Academic Freedom," "Self-Enlightenment," and "Logical Thought from a Broad Perspective" in order to achieve our goals in the fields of military education and research.


September 1954 Established in Yokosuka, Kanagawa prefecture
March 1955 Started the Advanced Course and the Special Course
June 1956 Relocated to Kodaira, Tokyo
July 1956 Started the Command and Staff Course
December 1959 Relocated to Ichigaya, Tokyo
September 1994 Relocated to Meguro, Tokyo
Installed the Maritime Defense Gaming System
May 2013 Undergone a thorough reorganization
(reorganized departments and sections into 3 new departments:
Planning and Administration Department, Strategic Studies
Department, Operational Art & Design Studies Department)



The JMSDF Command and Staff College's mission is to equip JMSDF senior officers with expertise required for commanders and staff officers of higher commands and to conduct advanced research on operations of higher commands.


As the think-tank of the JMSDF, the JMSDF Command and Staff College contributes toward formulating defense policy, maritime defense strategy, and defense doctrine, and conducts advanced research and investigations on "Strategy," "Naval Operations," "International/National Law," and "War History."