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 Greetings from the President

  MCSC was established in Taura, Yokosuka, Kanagawa in 1954, transferred to Kodaira, Tokyo in 1956, to Ichigaya, Tokyo in 1959, and finally to Meguro, Tokyo in 1994. MCSC enjoyed the 60th anniversary in 2014. This year marks the 65th anniversary of the establishment.

  We have been conducting educational and research activities as a think-tank and the highest educational institution of JMSDF under the philosophy of Vice Admiral NAKAYAMA Sadayoshi, the First President of MCSC, which are “Academic Freedom”, “Self Enlightenment” and “Logical Thinking in a flexible and critical manner”.

  As we now face a new era of Reiwa, MCSC will deepen “Integration of Knowledge and Wisdom” and establish school reformation as successive presidents strived for, and assist JMSDF, which is transforming into an organization that could adapt to the changing environment. We are ready to take on new challenges with a positive attitude. I would like to conclude my greetings, wishing for your continuous support and cooperation.

INUI Yoshihisa
Vice Admiral, JMSDF
President, JMSDF Command and Staff College


   Graduated from:
   National Defense Academy in 1987(class of 31)
   United States National Defense University in 2007 (MA)
   March, 1987    Commissioned
   June, 1998    Instructor, US Naval Academy
   July, 2001    Commander
   July, 2004    Commanding Officer, JS Yugumo (DD-121)
   August, 2005    Senior Flag Aide to the Chief of Maritime Staff
   January, 2006    Captain
   August, 2007    Chief of Staff, Escort Flotilla 1
   October, 2008    Chief, Inspector section 4, Inspector General’s
   Office of Legal Compliance
   December, 2009    Commander, Escort Division 12
   December, 2010    Director, Operations Evaluation Office,
   Joint Staff Office (JSO)
   August, 2011    Director, C4 Systems Division, JSO
   July, 2014    Commander, Sub Area Activity, Okinawa
   December, 2015    Rear Admiral, Director General, Logistics(J-4), JSO
   December, 2016    Inspector General, MSO
   August, 2017    Director General, Administration Department, MSO
   April, 2019    Vice Admiral. Present Assignment