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The JMSDF Command and Staff College conducts the education of JMSDF senior officers to acquire expertise required for commanders and staff officers of higher commands. We have the following three courses and provide the students with opportunities to hear special lectures.

 Advanced Commnad and Staff Course

The Advanced Commnad and Staff Course is a program designed for JMSDF officers with the rank of Captain and Commander. This course is the most advanced level military education program in the JMSDF.

Class Profile
While the number of students varies slightly in every term, a typical number is about 20, including students from Japan's other services and foreign Navies.

The Advanced Commnad and Staff Course is a six-month course beginning in April and October every year. The course is connected to the five-month joint education course in the Joint Staff College which is located in the same building as the JMSDF Command and Staff College.

The contents of the course

Contributing articles to the scholarly review published by the college is possible if you wish!