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JMSDF Staff College Review The purpose of the ”Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Command and Staff College Review” is to help the public realize the products of the research at the JMSDF Command and Staff College and to give academic researchers an opportunity to discuss freely and actively. This publication contains papers of staff and students of the JMSDF Command and Staff College which are focusing on modern security policies concerning the future of Japan from the perspective of seeking for appropriate ocean policies and effective maritime defense strategies.

 We release this review twice a year. (spring / winter)

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 Volume / Number

Vol.5 No.1(the 9th issue) June 2015

Vol.4 No.2(the 8th issue) December 2014

Vol.4 No.1(the 7th issue) June 2014

Vol.3 No.2(the 6th issue) December 2013

Vol.3 No.1(extra edition) September 2013

Vol.2 English Version (Selected) May 2013

Vol.3 No.1 (the 5th issue) May 2013

Vol.2 No.2 (the 4th issue) December 2012

Vol.2 No.1 (extra edition) August 2012

Vol.2 No.1 (the 3rd issue) May 2012

Vol.1 No.2 English Version (Selected) May 2012

Vol.1 No.2 (the 2nd issue) December 2011

Vol.1 No.1 (extra edition) August 2011

Vol.1 No.1 (the 1st issue) May 2011



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Statements of fact or opinions expressed in this publication are solely those of the authors as products of their strategic studies at the JMSDF Command and Staff College, and do not necessarily represent those of the Ministry of Defense or the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force. Whenever you quote sentences from the review, you are required to cite the source. Using them in other papers without citing the source is prohibited.