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What is the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force?

Main operations

Improvement of International Security Environment

Efforts in international

The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force makes positive efforts with international desaster relief operations based on the circumstances of affected countries and details of their requests, from the view point improving humanitarian services and the international security environment.

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Anti-piracy operations

In the seas around Somalia, where there are no effective public order countermeasures, the Japan Self-Defense Forces (together with many other nations) are currently dispatching warships to the seas around Somalia, and are conducting piracy countermeasures through international cooperation.

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International counter-terrorism operations

Since the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001, the international community has continually made efforts to counteract terrorism, not only through military action but also in various fields such as diplomacy, policing, administration of justice, information, and financing.

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Defense exchanges with other nations

As well as international peace cooperation operations, etc. as responsible and positive efforts for improvement of the international security environment, the JMSDF continuously strives for positive implementation of security guarantee dialogues, defense cooperation, and exchanges.

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Effectively Dealing with New Threats and Diverse Situations

24-hour warning and surveillance activities

Every day, the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force flies P-3C patrol planes to conduct surveillance of ships cruising in the seas around Hokkaido, the Sea of Japan, and the East China Sea.

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Response to ballistic missile attacks

In 2004, the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force commenced the operation of a Ballistic Missile Defense System in order to provide infallible protection against ballistic missile attacks, etc.

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Defense of offshore islands

Japan comprises many islands, so there is a need to take precautions against invasion of offshore islands. It is therefore important to quickly sense any signs picked up by the JSDF's regular surveillance and intelligence-gathering work.

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Response to large-scale and unconventional disasters, etc.

When disasters occur, the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force carries out search and rescue for victims and stranded ships and aircraft, transportation of emergency patients, and transportation of humanitarian aid, etc.

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