8 June 2022
Admiral Bauer, Chair, Military Committee, NATO ‘s visit

Royal Netherlands Navy Admiral Robert Bauer, Chair of the Military Committee of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), visited Meguro Air Base on June 8, 2022. Admiral Bauer met with Lt Gen Tajiri, JGSDF, Commandant of the Joint Staff College, Lt Gen Hiroe, Commanding General of the Training Education Research & Development Command, JGSDF, Vice Admiral Madono, President of the Command and Staff College, JSMDF, and Lt Gen Kageura, Commandant of the Air Command And Staff College, JASDF. The leadership talked with Admiral about cooperation between Japan and NATO, and the respective services’ education and training.
   During this visit, Admiral Bauer gave a speech to 100 Students on Advanced Courses of the respective Services, including staff and faculty. In his speech, Admiral Bauer talked about security issues focusing on Europe, the role of NATO, which have been involved with the issue, and NATO’s future course of action.

exchanging greetings office call

exchanging greetings

office call

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