Responsibility of COS,JS

Responsibility of Joint Staff

The Duty of Joint Staff is as Follows;

The Joint Staff is in charge of the following JGSDF, JMSDF and JASDF related affairs;

  • Defense and Security Planning in terms of the smooth execution of the mission with Joint Operation
  • Action plan
  • Education and Training, Organization, Equipment, Deployment, Accounting, Acquisition, Logistics, Health and Hygiene, and Human Resource Planning and Execution needed to execute the above Action Plan
  • In addition to the above article, Training Plan in terms of smooth mission execution of Joint Operation
  • Research and Investigation for efficient operation of the services needed, relating to each of the above articles,
  • Affairs to manage the forces and coordinate the operation needed to execute the services in charge
  • Affairs relating to the services in charge, to execute the policy and plan which were set by the Minister of Defense
  • In addition to each article above, liaison and adjustment needed to execute the affairs relating to the services
  • Miscellaneous items ordered by the Minister of Defense