Apr 1, 2019

 I am General Yamazaki, assumed duty as the 6th Chief of Staff, Joint Staff, Japan Self-Defense Forces on April 1.

 The security situation surrounding Japan is changing at extremely high speeds, while the balance of power in international relations shifting quickly and becoming complex upon which uncertainty over the existing order is increasing as well.

 The new “National Defense Program Guidelines” adopted in December last year, articulates to build “Multi-Domain Defense Force” which further evolving “Dynamic Joint Defense Force” by integrating all the domains including space, cyberspace and electromagnetic spectrum.

 Having been appointed as the Chief of Staff, Joint Staff in such an era of transformation, I am humbled and motivated to take its great responsibility for operational control of JSDF as well as directly assisting the Minister of Defense.

 In order to quickly respond to any situations and accomplish our missions, I’ll carry out my duties with all my heart, mind and strength to promote effectiveness of the joint operational architecture while aiming to realize more resilient and tough JSDF trusted by the people of Japan.

 We will greatly appreciate your continued understanding and support to the JSDF.




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