The JGSDF 8th Division reorganization ceremony

 The JGSDF 8th Division reorganization ceremony was held at Camp Kita Kumamoto on Saturday March 31st, 2018, under the command of General Yoshihide Yoshida.

 The 8th Division was reorganized as a Rapid Deployment Division with improved rapid deployment capabilities to respond quickly and effectively to various contingencies including attacks against remote islands.

 Additionally, a Rapid Deployment Regiment was newly established under the Division, which is equipped with the new highly mobile Type-16 Maneuver Combat Vehicle and organized as a combined arms unit with infantry, armor, and field artillery in a single package. Therefore, Mr. Fukuda, the Parliamentary Vice Minister of Defense presented the regiment color to Colonel Masanori Suenaga, the commander of the 42nd Rapid Deployment Regiment.


8th Division reorganization ceremony

The 42nd Rapid Deployment Regiment Color Presentation

Type-16 Mobile Combat Vehicle