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Multi-layered Security Cooperation with the International
Chapter 3
The Significance of Defense Cooperation and
Exchange with the U.K.
The United Kingdom, being a major power that has influence
not only on Europe but also the rest of the world, has
historically maintained close relations with Japan. On the
security front, Japan shares the same strategic interests with the
United Kingdom, as both countries are important allies of the
United States. Given this relationship, it is extremely important
for Japan to promote cooperation through such global issues
as international peace cooperation activities and anti-terrorism
and piracy, and through information exchange relating to the
regional situation.
In January 2004, the Defense Ministers of both countries
signed Memorandum Relating to Defense Cooperation to
develop bilateral defense exchanges in various sectors, thereby
advancing the two countries’ resolve to promote defense
exchanges at all levels and in various fields. Moreover, in April
2012, when British Prime Minister Cameron visited Japan,
he and Prime Minister Noda issued a joint statement entitled
"A Leading Strategic Partnership for Global Prosperity and
Security", in which they announced the start of negotiations on
a government to government information security agreement,
their endorsement of the signing of the Defense Cooperation
Memorandum, and the identification of appropriate defense
equipment for joint development and production.
Recent Major Achievements in
Defense Cooperation and Exchange
In October 2011, the British Secretary of State for Defence
visited Japan and held talks with the Japanese Defense Minister,
at which they agreed to commence work on formulating a
new Japan-U.K. Defense Cooperation Memorandum, aimed at
achieving more concrete cooperation between the two countries
in the future. At the talks between Parliamentary Senior Vice-
Minister of Defense Watanabe and British Minister of State for
the Armed Forces Harvey during the Shangri-La Dialogue in
June 2012, the two vice-ministers exchanged memorandums
and agreed to facilitate close cooperation between Japan and the
UK in various fields, based on this memorandum.
Moreover, in August 2011, as well as a visit to Japan by
the British Chief of the Air Staff, exchange began in special-
ist fields, including participation by the Ministry of Defense
of Japan in an international conference on cyberspace hosted
by the U.K. Furthermore, in October 2011, an MSDF partici-
pated in a minesweeping exercise in waters off the coast of
Bahrain, which was organized jointly by the U.K. and U.S.A.
Participation in this exercise was very meaningful, as it con-
tributed to improving the minesweeping skills of the MSDF, as
well as to the promotion of cooperative relationships with the
U.K. and U.S.
(See Fig. III-3-2-8)
Japan–U.K. Defense Cooperation and Exchanges
Then Chief of Air Staff Iwasaki and U.K. Air Chief Marshal Dalton (Tokyo, August 2011)
Recent Defense Cooperation and Exchanges with the United Kingdom (Past Three Years)
High-level talks
between heads
of state and
Jun. 2010
Sep. 2010
Nov. 2010
Dec. 2010
Apr. 2011
Jun. 2011
Oct. 2011
Apr. 2012
Jun. 2012
Exchange of views between the Minister of Defense and the U.K. Secretary of State for Defence (Singapore (Ninth Asian Security Conference))
Exchange views on international peace cooperation activities, security environment around Japan and sealane security
Visit to the U.K. by the Parliamentary Secretary of State of Defense
Visit to Japan by the Secretary of State for Defence
Exchange of views between the Parliamentary Secretary of State of Defense and the U.K. Under Secretary for Defence (Seventh Manama Dialogue)
Visit to Japan by the U.K. Minister of State for Defence (in charge of equipment, support and technology)
Japan–U.K. Defense administrative Vice-Minister Meeting (Singapore, 10th Shangri-La Dialogue)
Exchange views on responses to the Great East Japan Earthquake and Japan–U.K. defense cooperation
Japan-U.K. Defense Ministerial Meeting (Tokyo)
Both parties concurred that their cooperative relationship is strengthening in terms of defense cooperation and exchanges. Also, agreement
reached to take initiatives to develop new defense cooperation
Japan-U.K. Summit (Tokyo)
Negotiation initiated between two governments regarding Information Protection Agreement. Support for signing a defense cooperation
memorandum, decided to identify adequate defense equipment, etc., for joint development and production of defense equipment
Meeting between the Parliamentary Senior Vice-Minister of Defense and U.K. Defence Minister
Exchanged Memorundom Relating to Defence Cooperation. Confirmed to work cooperatively in areas including those for equipment and