DEFENSE OF JAPAN 2013 (Provisional Translation)

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Part Ⅰ: Security Environment Surrounding Japan
Overview Chapter 1 Defense Policies of Countries
Chapter 2 Issues in the International Community
Part Ⅱ: Japan's Defense Policy and the Japan-U.S. Security Arrangements
Chapter 1 The Basic Concepts of Japan's Security and Defense Policy
Chapter 2 The National Defense Program Guidelines and the Build-Up of Defense Capability
Chapter 3 Strengthening of the Japan-U.S. Security Arrangements
Part Ⅲ: Measures for Defense of Japan
Chapter 1 Systems to Protect Citizens' Lives and Property and Defend Japanese Territorial Land, Waters and Airspace
Chapter 2 Initiatives to Further Stabilize the International Security Environment
Chapter 3 The Maintenance and Strengthening of Defense Production and Technological Bases, and the Effective, Efficient Acquisition of Defense Equipment
Chapter 4 The Relationship between the Japanese People and the Ministry of Defense and the SDF

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