Dispatch of the Defense Attaché to the Embassy of Japan as a Liaison Officer to NATO Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM)

7 June 2019
Ministry of Defense


  1. Japan Ministry of Defense has completed the arrangement to assign Captain Toshihide Noma, Defense Attaché to the Embassy of Japan in the U.K., as an Liaison Officer (LNO) to the NATO Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM) located in the U.K..

  2. Prime Minister Abe has agreed with the NATO to dispatch a LNO to MARCOM when he visited the NATO Headquarters in July 2017. Also, the Individual Partnership and Cooperation Programme between Japan and NATO (IPCP) revised in May 2018 has referred to the maritime security as the priority areas for cooperation, and the appointment of a LNO was also included in the document.

  3. Japan Ministry of Defense is further deepening the relationship with NATO by taking advantage of the LNO to the MARCOM.