Press Conference

Extra Press Conference by the Defense Minister Onodera(08:08-08:09 P.M. May 30, 2014(Japantime))

Press Conference by the Defense Minister
Time & Date: 08:08-08:09 P.M. May 30, 2014(Japantime)
Place: 4th floor Shangri-La Hotel
(This is a provisional translation of an announcement by the Defense Minister and the Q&A session at the subsequent press conference for reference purposes only)
The original text is in Japanese.

1. Announcements

2. Questions and Answers

Would you like to comment on the trilateral defense ministerial meeting with the U.S. and Australia that you just had?

I strongly felt the significance of cooperation among Japan, the U.S., and Australia. I think it is important for the three countries, who share the same value, to collaborate for the stability in East Asia including the Pacific. I felt the importance again today.

Did you share any view on the regional situation?

I explained about the incident where Chinese fighters flew unusually close to the SDF aircraft. I understand that the U.S. and Australia shares the same idea that we cannot tolerate any unilateral threat or attempt to alter the status quo by force. Also on the issues related to North Korea, there was a progress concerning the abduction issue. However, Japan, the U.S., and Australia agreed that we need to work closely together in order to continue to deal with the nuclear and missile problems.