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Ceremony for Ichigayadai Tour
- Welcomed over 400,000 Visitors -

Ceremony for Ichigayadai Tour - Welcomed over 400,000 Visitors -

Ichigayadai Tour, a roundtrip of Ichigayadai area where the MOD is located, began in June 2000, after the former Defense Agency moved to Ichigaya area from Roppongi area. The tour celebrates its 17th anniversary this year. At the afternoon tour on March 22nd, the number of visitors participating in the Ichigayadai Tour surpassed 400,000.

The ceremony was held at the Ichigaya Memorial Hall to celebrate it. At the ceremony, Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Defense Miyazawa gave flower bouquet and souvenir to the 400,000th visitor.

The tour course includes visits to the Honor Guard Ceremony Square, the Ichigaya Memorial Hall (where Tokyo Trial took place), and the Public-Information Exhibition Room, among other facilities in the Ichigayadai area. The tour has welcomed many visitors not only from Japan, but also from overseas; the film titled “History of Ichigaya,” with English subtitles will be shown in the Memorial Hall.

Visit the MOD website for more information. We look forward to seeing you at the tour!

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