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Japan-Philippines Defense Ministerial Teleconference

Japan-Philippines Defense Ministerial Teleconference

On May 2nd, Minister of Defense Gen Nakatani held a teleconference with his counterpart Secretary of National Defense Voltaire Gazmin of the Philippines.

First, Minister of Defense Nakatani explained that he had to cancel his planned visit to the Philippines due to disaster response priorities following the major earthquake that struck the Kumamoto region of Kumamoto Prefecture. Defense Secretary Gazmin responded that he completely understood the situation and the decision. Additionally, Defense Secretary Gazmin expressed his condolences and sympathies to those who lost their lives in the earthquake and their families.

Both parties reaffirmed that Japan-Philippines defense cooperation and defense exchanges are essential to the peace, security and prosperity of the region, and while the planned visit by Minister of Defense Nakatani to the Philippines was not realized, both countries will continue to strengthen defense cooperation, including through joint exercises and capacity building assistance. They also agreed to step up collaboration, including further sharing information about the regional situation mainly in the South China Sea.

The Ministers pointed out the necessity to strengthen the coordination between the two countries especially in the area of maritime security, and, as part of this effort, confirmed to advance defense equipment and technology cooperation and to make efforts to realize the following cooperation to enhance the Philippine’s capability in the area of humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, transportation and maritime domain awareness:

  • ・The transfer of up to five TC-90 training aircraft currently owned by Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force to the Philippine Navy
  • ・The assistance in training and education relating to TC-90 to the Philippine Navy
  • ・The assistance in the area of maintenance for sustainment of operation of TC-90 by the Philippine Navy

The 15th IISS Asia Security Summit (Shangri-La Dialogue)

The 15th IISS Asia Security Summit (Shangri-La Dialogue)

Defense Minister Nakatani visited Singapore from June 3rd to 5th where he attended the 15th IISS Asia Security Summit (The Shangri-La Dialogue).

He gave a speech during a session and also held talks with defense ministers from other countries. JDF No.78 will feature on the details.

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