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Minister of Defense Succession Ceremony
On December 24th, the third Abe Cabinet was assembled and Gen Nakatani, a member of the House of Representatives, was appointed as the 14th Minister of Defense.

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SDF Activities against Outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa
The Minister for Foreign Affairs officially consulted with the Minister of Defense on November 28th about the SDF cooperation in airlifting Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from Japan to the Republic of Ghana.

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Forest Light 1
– Japan-U.S. Bilateral Training Exercise –
The GSDF carried out a field training exercise called Forest Light 1 with the U.S. Marine Corps from December 1st to 12th at the Oyanohara Training Area and Vice-Camp Takayubaru.

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~Scenery of Japan~
Sumo, a form of full-contact wrestling, has a history of approx. 1,500 years in Japan.

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New Year’s Greetings
Happy New Year.
The JDF 2015 January issue celebrates the milestone 60th anniversary since the launch of the brochure in 2006.

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First Drop Drill 2015 of the GSDF 1st Airborne Brigade (YouTube)

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  • Disaster Relief Activity by the SDF for Heavy Snow: Tokushima Prefecture (6-11 Dec.)
  • Several communities in Tokushima Prefecture were isolated on December 6th due to the disruption of road networks caused by the heavy snowfall that downed trees. The Governor of Tokushima made a request on the same day to the commander of the GSDF 14th Brigade for the disaster relief activity in clearing off the road to resolve isolation, confirming residents’ safety, supporting evacuation, transporting people and relief goods, and aiding power recovery. Personnel of the GSDF 15th infantry Regiment carried out the disaster relief activity until they received a request to withdraw on the 11th.
  • Command Transfer of the UNMISS Engineer Unit (15 Dec.)
  • On December 15th, at the Japanese quarters in UN Tomping area, the UNMISS Engineer Unit carried out a ceremony to transfer the command from the 6th unit to the 7th unit.
  • Admiral Kawano, Chief of Joint Staff’s Visit to the U.S. (17-20 Dec.)
  • Admiral Kawano met with General Dempsey, Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff and exchanged their views on the security environment in the Asia-Pacific and strengthening Japan-U.S. Alliance.
  • International Disaster Relief Activities of SAR (Search and Rescue) Operation for the Missing Indonesian Air Asia QZ8501 (31 Dec. - 9 Jan.)
Disaster Relief Activity in Tokushima Prefecture
Disaster Relief Activity in Tokushima Prefecture
UNMISS Engineer Unit Ceremony
UNMISS Engineer Unit Ceremony
Admiral Kawano and General Dempsey, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
Admiral Kawano and General Dempsey, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
No.59 (December 2014) No.58 (November 2014) No.57 (October 2014) No.56 (September 2014) No.55 (August 2014)
No.59 (December 2014) No.58 (November 2014) No.57 (October 2014) No.56 (September 2014) No.55 (August 2014)

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