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60th Anniversary of the Air Self-Defense Force
On July 1st, 2014, the Air Self-Defense Force (ASDF) celebrates its 60th anniversary of their establishment.

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Interview with LTC Kawasaki
Lieutenant Colonel Machiko Kawasaki was sent to East Timor from February to September in 2002.

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Minister of Defense Travels Overseas
Minister of Defense Itsunori Onodera made official overseas trips from the end of April to early May where he met with senior officials, visited foreign bases, and encouraged the SDF members deployed abroad.

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Japan, the United States and Australia Conduct Joint Training in Australia
-Southern Jackaroo 2014-
From May 17th to 28th, the GSDF took part in Southern Jackaroo 2014, a combined army exercise held in Australia involving Japan and the United States.

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~Scenery of Japan~
Sendai Tanabata Festival
Sendai Tanabata Festival is considered one of the three major festivals of the Tohoku region and three main Tanabata festivals in Japan where over 2 million visitors come to view the festivities over the 3-day event.

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ASDF Hamamatsu Airbase Exhibition Hall
Just along the Hamamatsu Air Base is the ASDF Exhibition Hall, a unique SDF Public Affairs Museum in Japan.

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GSDF 1st Airborne Brigade’s First Drop Drill 2014 (YouTube)

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  • Opening of “Gyudon” stand at the MOD (24 Apr.)
  • Gyudon is a rice bowl topped with sliced stewed beef, and is sometimes called the Japanese fast food because it can be quickly served. At the store in the MOD, a fried egg on top of the Gyudon bowl is specially cooked in a flag shape, signifying the Japanese flag. The menu is popular among officers working at the MOD.
  • Troop Inspection by Defense Minister Onodera: Shikoku district (17~18 May)
  • Send-off Ceremony of MSDF Overseas Training Squadron: Harumi Pier (19 May)
  • Exercise Inspection etc. by Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Defense Takeda: Amami city, Setouchi town (21 ~ 22 May)
Courtesy Call on Defense Minister Onodera by General Amos
Troop Inspection by Defense Minister Onodera: Shikoku district, GSDF Camp Kochi
No.52 (May 2014) No.51 (April 2014) No.50 (March 2014) No.49 (February 2014) No.48 (January 2014)
No.52 (May 2014) No.51 (April 2014) No.50 (March 2014) No.49 (February 2014) No.48 (January 2014)

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