Comprehensive disaster-preparedness drill on National Disaster Prevention Day 2013 / Naming of the FAST Force

The Ministry of Defense (MOD)/Self-defense Force (SDF) conducted a comprehensive disaster prevention drill during disaster preparedness week (August 30th to September 5th) in order to facilitate prompt and effective dispatch of the SDF during a large-scale earthquake or other disaster in accordance with the following.

  1. Governmental comprehensive disaster-preparedness drills
    • -Disaster Preparedness Day Government Headquarters Operations Training
    • -Wide area medical evacuation drill
  2. Drills implemented in collaboration with local public agencies
    • -Affiliated training program of the Capital Region (Kyutokenshi) Joint Emergency Drill
    • -Affiliated training program of the comprehensive disaster preparedness training drills held in cooperation with Shizuoka Prefecture

Naming of the FAST-Force

In response to the Great East Japan Earthquake, the MOD/SDF worked in unison in striving to rescue victims of this unprecedented large-scale disaster.

Going forward, in anticipation of large-scale earthquakes that are projected to occur and cause a national crisis, such as serious earthquakes along the Nankai Trough or earthquake directly under the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, it is important for the national government to work together as a whole in responding promptly.

In addition, the MOD/SDF have established initial response units on stand-by at each self-defense camp throughout Japan in order to promptly protect the lives and properties of the people during times of emergencies in preparation for all types of natural disasters that may happen in different parts of Japan.

The MOD/SDF have given the team its name FAST-Force* in order for each and every citizen to understand the function of and feel secure with the establishment of this team of people who are always on stand-by.

  • *FirstInitial response in a time of disaster
  • ActionProviding prompt assessment of damages and rescue of lives, as well as
  • SupporTProviding support to local governments
  • ForceTeam that delivers the above

Going forward, the MOD/SDF will continue to strive to protect the lives and properties of all citizens at the initial outbreak of natural disasters through information gathering and rescue efforts.

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