Introduction to equipment NBC reconnaissance vehicle

NBC reconnaissance vehicle

Test production of the NBC reconnaissance vehicle has been commenced in FY 2005 by the Technical Research and Development Institute, as a successor to the GSDF’s chemical defense and biological reconnaissance vehicles. The development has completed in FY 2009 through technical and field tests.

The vehicle is mounted with NBC latest detection and identification equipment against NBC weapons, including radioactive substances, biological agents, and toxic chemicals. It conducts rapid reconnaissance (detection and identification) of contaminated area and connects with the Regiment Command Control System to transmit the information of the contamination instantly to the relevant units.

NBC reconnaissance vehicle
Crew 4 persons
Gross weight Approximately 20 tons
Length Approximately 8.0 meters
Width Approximately 2.5 meters
Height Approximately 3.0 meters
Maximum speed Approximately 95km/h
Arms 12.7mm heavy machine gun

NIDS China Security Report

The National Institute for Defense Studies (NIDS) published the NIDS China Security Report 2012 on December 19, 2012.

In recent years, the international community has shown growing interest and concern toward China’s security policies and military trends. In Japan, there has also been increasing awareness on the significant impact that China’s military and economic rise has on Japan’s security. The scale of China’s economy is already ranked second in the world, making it a vital partner for Japan and other countries in East Asia. On the other hand, China has leveraged on its massive economic prowess to increase its defense expenditure and modernize the People’s Liberation Army.

The NIDS China Security Report is an annual report that analyzes such strategic and military trends in China, and which disseminates this information widely within and outside Japan. In addition to the Japanese edition, the report is also published in English and Chinese, and is available online at the website of the NIDS.


This report brings together research findings obtained through analyses by researchers of NIDS, which is a research and educational institute under the Ministry of Defense. The analyses and views expressed in the report are independent viewpoints of the researchers, and do not represent those of the Ministry of Defense.

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